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HashRiver offers cloud mining using the latest technology and several algorithms. Algorithms (sha-256, scrypt) are used for mining. Using our service, you do not need to be a professional in the field of cryptocurrency mining. The company's goal is to make cryptocurrency mining easier for everyone.
To do this, you need to go through a simple registration. Only a valid address must be entered in the email field!
After successful registration, go to the (Buy Hashrate) tab. The sha-256 algorithm is used for bitcoin mining, the scrypt algorithm is used for lightcoin and dogcoin mining. Select the required number of hashrates of any of the algorithms and pay. Immediately after payment, you will be credited with the selected number of hashrates. By going to the main page of the control panel, you can start mining.
For cloud mining using the sha-256 algorithm, the contract is valid for 3 years, for cloud mining using the scrypt algorithm, the contract is valid for 2 years.
The contract comes into force after the purchase of the hash rate. When you buy again, the contract period is extended by the time between the last purchase and the previous purchase.
In the process of selecting the required amount of hashrate in the buy menu (Buy hashrate), by moving the slider or entering the required amount of hashrate manually, you will see the profitability forecast in the table below. Also, after purchasing in your Personal Account, you will see a table with a profit forecast based on the amount of your capacity. Changes in profitability are possible depending on the situation on the cryptocurrency market, the complexity of mining and other factors.
To withdraw funds, go to the (Account Wallet) menu. Select the required cryptocurrency. To order a withdrawal of funds, the amount must meet the minimum allowable value. In this menu, the minimum output thresholds are specified. Before ordering a withdrawal of funds, you must specify your wallets in the settings menu. You can order a withdrawal of funds once every 24 hours. Payments are made within 1 hour, in rare cases longer. If you have not received funds within 24 hours, please contact support.
All commissions are included in the capacity cost. Commissions for replenishment of the account through payment gateways are possible. You will be informed about this.
Using the sha-256 algorithm, you will be able to mine bitcoin, but when the reinvestment function is enabled, bitcoin mining stops. If the reinvestment function is enabled, your hashrate increases exactly by your daily income. Using the Scrypt algorithm, you can only mine Litecoin or Dogecoin. That is, on two different algorithms, you can simultaneously mine two cryptocurrencies.
The fact is that if you have a small hashrate on your account, visually mining will be invisible if there are 8 digits after the dot. In addition, it is necessary for more accurate referral deductions.
Using a referral link to invite new users, you can receive 10% of the income of each of your referrals. The reward is credited in the currency that your referral earned. Accruals occur at any time during the day. You can have unlimited referrals.
Immediately after registration for a mining test, you are provided with a trial hashrate. A trial hashrate is valid for 7 days from the date of registration. In order for the trial hashrate to be credited to your account, you need to make the first purchase of any amount of the sha-256 algorithm hashrate.If the purchase does not take place within seven days, the hashrate will be deleted. The mined bitcoin will be saved. You can also invite 10 referrals and you will be credited with a trial hash rate. After you have collected 10 referrals, report it to the support service. After checking your account, the hashrate will be credited.
The functionality of the service will be limited. You will not be able to recover your password. In addition, a verified email address is required to withdraw funds. Email can be confirmed in the settings. If you accidentally entered an incorrect email address during registration, please contact technical support to resolve the issue.

* Mandatory email address verification is currently disabled. If suspicious actions are noticed when ordering a withdrawal, a confirmation code may be sent to your email.

Use the password recovery function on the login page. A link to change your password will be sent to your email. If you have connected two-factor authentication and cannot log into your account for this reason, please contact support. If you have any other problems try clearing the cache and cookies in your browser.