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We offer investment companies, banks and brokers ready-made trading solutions for end customers. Flexible branding and customization, desktop / browser / mobile platforms, collaboration model with or without data disclosure


We offer over 10,000 bonds:
liquid corporate and government bonds, developed bonds and developing countries,
OTC and exchange instruments,
private placement bonds and
exotic bonds on request

Personal manager

Personal manager for each client from the first day.
24/7 support in Russian.
By email, chat and phone

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We believe that privacy is an inalienable right of Golden Turtle customers and our website visitors. We have reduced the number of marketing tools by website to the required minimum and provide users with an informed choice

Global Markets - One Account

Fast, clear and secure. Trade 300,000+ financial instruments with
single multi-currency account on any device


Use our HTTP API to build fast, sleek financial data-intensive applications ranging from smart bots to online messengers and option strategy advisors to mobile utilities for market analysis, stock quotes websites and large trading decisions.


For algorithmic traders, we offer connection to servers via the FIX API. We support the FIX 4.4 protocol, which allows you to transfer data, receive quotes and fully automate trading. Do not limit yourself to trading through the user interface, use the full range of your possibilities!

White label

Golden Turtle offers customized technology solutions for institutional clients, including brokers and asset managers. We provide access to quotes and order execution in 50 markets, as well as software solutions for brokers and many other instruments. Looking for new opportunities for your business? We have a lot to offer you.

Excel integration

Golden Turtle offers algorithmic trading opportunities for professionals and beginners alike. We have developed a MS Excel connector with which everything you need you will need to become an algorithmic trader - a couple of hours of free time and basic knowledge of VBA.

Different people -
One goal

What we do

Golden Turtle is a next generation investment company that provides access to a range of financial services with a focus on providing access to financial markets.

Our priorities

We provide access to the maximum number of markets with low commissions. Today we offer the largest number of markets among European brokers.

About us

Golden Turtle is a financial and technology company with more than 10 offices in Europe and Asia and more than 400 employees. Golden Turtle's work is regulated European legislation to ensure appropriate safety and security standards.

Our values

Golden Turtle was created by professionals for professionals. We ourselves use our products, because in the whole market only they work like this, how professional trading tools should work.

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